Hi, I’m a UX Researcher

who uses a lot of nice tools to improve people and businesses lives. Tired of those copy/paste intros? If you really want to know who I am and what I do, keep reading.


and I’d like to work on



I’m an experienced User Researcher who always puts the user first.



If you were wondering, yes, I drew the illustrations all around the site. Using sketches helps me in communicating easily between different teams.



I’ve designed for web and mobile but I’m keen to expand my horizons toward home appliances, medical equipment and aero-naval interfaces.

user testing


I’m an attentive listener who succeeds in considering and understanding users needs. Validation is the key!



I need to think outside the box in this field. To be creative and original is a must. And a bit of Salem’s magic on my side helps!

team player


I’m a curious and friendly person. This quirk allows me to easily become the moderator inside any team​, encouraging the members to collaborate. 


HERE MY PROJECTS [2016-2019]

CBT Global

CBT GLOBAL – Logo rebranding & website UX research

In the competitive Real Estate market, this start-up needed a complete logo renovation and an analysis of why the website isn’t working.

I delivered my design recommendations based on the user research I’ve accomplished.

farmschoolint cover

FARM SCHOOL INT – Redesign of a website section

A charity project for a mobile-first redesign, improving the usability of the online application process.

Inside you’ll find: Creative personas, Customer journey, User flow, Low-fid wireframe.


ZENBIKE – Every mile counts

Solving pollution and transportation stress problem in London. ZENbike, the only real cycling incentive app.

Inside you’ll find: how I create Personas, User Flows, Wireframes, Prototypes and how I conduct User Testing.


LEARN TO SAVE – Cash solution for young adults

LTS helps young adults identify their spending habits and guides them towards achieving financial independence. 

Inside you’ll find: a lot of user research and user testing. Feel free to try the clickable prototype on Marvel

Esse 3 Cover

ESSE 3 – University portal

Case Study: the most significant problem of this University website regards its inconsistency and poor usability. The project consist in an accurate analysis through heuristics and usability testing.

Inside you’ll find: how I redesigned the information architecture and created a usable desktop UI.

dyslexia cover

Dyslexia – Ethnography study [coming soon]

The aims of this research were raising awareness toward Dyslexia and designing a graphic web interface for dyslexic students’ learning material.

Inside you’ll find: how me and my team conducted field study, Focus group and interviews and UI Design. 

Learn To Brace

Learn To Brace – A/B Testing

An interactive game that allows you to learn the emergency landing position.

I took care of the user testing part of the project by collecting survey results, conducting interviews and testing 3 version of the prototype.

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